Japan is a sovereign island nation in East Asia. Japan is a member of the UN, the OECD, the G7, the G8 and the G20—and is considered a great power. The country has the world’s third-largest economy by nominal GDP and the world’s fourth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. It is also the world’s fourth-largest exporter and fourth-largest importer.

Japan is a developed country with a very high standard of living and Human Development Index. Its population enjoys the highest life expectancy and the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Japan is well-known internationally for its major contributions to science and modern-day technology.

Reasons to study in Japan:

  1. High Quality Education is provided by Japanese colleges and Universities :The OECD ranks Japanese high school students number one in the world for maths, and number 2 for scientific literacy. Japan has the highest number of Nobel Prize winners of any Asian country, and the second highest of any country since 2000
  2. Japan being very safe: Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. Violent crime is rare in Japan, and people are very humble and kind. People of Japan are some of the world’s most down to earth and kind. Japan is therefore, one of the safest country against terrorism.
  3. Tuition fee is very low in Japan, with highly advanced degree in your hand. You do not need to worry about paying heavy bills for a quality education.
  4. Japan is one of the most advanced country in the world, and highly specializes in engineering and robotics. Companies like Toyota, Nissan, and Honda are the centre of attraction in Japan. So, one can only imagine the massive expertise they bear in Science and Technology. It is one of the best country in the world to study automobile engineering and Robotics.
  5. It is quite a vibrant place, with one of the cleanest cities in the world. Pollution is just a myth here, you cannot find a trace of pollution in this clean country. Several green projects are carried out by japan to ensure healthy earth and people. Japan therefore, is the country with the highest life expectancy.

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